One of my girlfriends had a Peppa Pig themed party for her daughter last week and I made her this cake

Peppa Pig is a HUGE hit in our house (though why don’t episodes go for longer than 5 minutes?!!!!!) and so I wanted to create some tutorials so that you can all learn how to make your own Peppa Pig Play Doh. I decided to make a photo tutorial for Peppa and a video tutorial for Peppa Pig George and Peppa Daddy – so you can choose whether you want to hear my voice and watch me!!! Feel free to scroll down to the end to see the video. To make the top part of the cake click here.

To start making Peppa you will need some red fondant, black, flesh/pink skin colour and a darker pink fondant. All fondant needs to be mixed with a hardening agent like tylo powder or you need to use gum/sugar paste instead of fondant.

Start with your skin colour fondant and using a sugar shaper, squeeze out a line of fondant. You could roll out a thin sausage of fondant using your hands, but I really would recommend having a sugar shaper

Roll out your red for the body and shape into a triangle shape. Based on my prior figurines turning out too fat (this happens as the fondant hardens and your figurine slumps down a bit), I decided to start making my Peppa Pig Toys taller… but the first thing my daughter said was that Peppa’s dress wasn’t ‘triangle’ enough! Thanks Lily:-)

So.. you probably need to make more of a pronounced triangle body than what I have shown in this picture.

Attach onto Peppa’s body using some water – be very careful with the water as the red fondant + water can make the arms turn red! Use sparingly. Also add the eyeballs with a black edible marker or tiny balls of black fondant.

Play Doh Eggs Surprise Peppa Pig Toys en Español✔✔ New PEPPA PIG Play Doh Videos 2016

Peppa Pig birthday cake

Like many three-year-olds, Little Miss Gift is obsessed with Peppa Pig. She would spend hours absorbed watching it on TV, if I let her. So it was no surprise when we were planning her third birthday afternoon tea that Peppa Pig was her theme of choice.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to create a birthday cake in the shape of Peppa Pig. So I opted for a simple round-shaped birthday cake (two slabs of cake, sandwiched with butter cream icing to keep it moist) and focused on decorating it with a Pig Peppa theme.

I have never done cake decorating, so wasn’t confident I could make sugar Peppa Pig figurines, but then I had the idea of incorporating some of the Birthday Girl’s presents into the cake. I had bought some plastic Peppa Pig figurines that I thought would be fun to pop on the cake. When the cake ceremony was done she would have some new little friends to play with.

This idea worked a treat and Little Miss Gift was thrilled.

Other cake components included:

White fondant icing (left over from my son’s birthday cake, but rolled dangerously thin – I don’t think you can get two cakes out of one pack of icing!) covering a Funfetti-flavoured cake.
Pink marshmellows cut in half and dipped in Hundred and Thousands sprinkles
Birthday candles purchased from local discount store

White and silver organza “Happy Birthday” ribbon around the base of the cake (to cover where the fondant finishes) and add to the birthday theme. And yes, this is the same ribbon I used on my son’s cake;-)

Play Doh My Little Pony princess twilight sparkle pony fluttershy Play-Doh MLP toys


Last week I was given my first paid cupcake challenge…..Peppa Pig birthday Play Doh cupcakes for 3 year old twins that love Peppa Pig and Trains. So I put my thinking cap on and did some searching on the internet. A lot of images came up of cupcakes with flat images but I wanted to do more. And then I came across a video on play doh youtube showing how to make a fondant Peppa Pig. So that was the challenge for half of the peppa cupcakes.

Looking back at mine, I think Peppa Pig play doh has put on a little weight around the tummy!

The next decision to make was the flavour of the cake. Hmmm…what would a 3 year old like?…Strawberry milkshake. Flavour sorted. (Recipe found in the Hummingbird Bakery Home Sweet Home book)

These cupcakes were really simple and easy to make. I think the hardest part was searching for the milkshake powder in the supermarket!

‘My Little Pony’ Cake and Rainbow Cookies

Hi, it’s Brittany……and I have something fun to share.

I can’t even believe that my sweet little baby turned 2 on Saturday.
I know I am a bit biased, but she is the cutest angel on the planet.
She loves horses so I decided on a ‘My Little Pony’ theme for her birthday.

I will admit, I loved My little Pony Play Doh when I was young. I really wanted an excuse to buy her first ponies!
With this theme, it was all about bright colors, Pony rainbows, glitter, and of course……the original Play Doh My Little Pony Movie.

So for my sweet 2 year old, a Play Doh My Little Pony cake and cookies:

With a delicious rainbow center…

We were having a small party so I didn’t need a big cake. I made a 10 inch My Little Pony cake and Rainbow Cookies. For this post, I am going to take you through the steps I took and in the order that I took them.

play Doh Rainbow
A few days before I made the cake, I made the rainbow so it would have time to dry.
Using gumpaste dyed in the colors of the rainbow, I rolled out a rope starting with red and placed it on a corn-starched cookie sheet in the size and shape of rainbow that I wanted.

I repeated this in all the colors.

After I placed all the colors together I painted a little bit of water between the roped with a clean paintbrush to help the different ropes stick together.
Then I inserted some toothpicks into the bottom on the rainbow. Break the toothpicks in half before you insert them. When the gumpaste dries it will hold the toothpicks and then you can insert the toothpicks into the top of the cake, holding it upright.

**Let the rainbow dry for 48-72 hours.
Play Doh My Little Pony’ Cake
I wanted to carry the rainbow theme into the inside of the cake. It was a surprise I knew the birthday girl would love.
Using two white cake mixes and two 10inch pans, I dyed 2 cups of cake mix the 6 colors of the rainbow.
I used these baking, stacking and icing tips to get this cake started.

I iced the outside and covered the cake with purple fondant.
(Fondant tutorial here.)

To decorate the outside of the cake, I rolled out white fondant pretty thin and cut out white flowers and added purple centers.
Then I added yellow stars cut out of thinly rolled fondant.
Also, rainbow hearts — see below

**For all three of these shapes I used fondant cutters, just like cookie cutters but smaller.

For the rainbow hearts, I rolled small snakes in the colors of the rainbow. I stuck them together with a little bit of water. I put cornstarch on the top of the snakes and used a small rolling pin to roll it out. I mainly rolled the snake flat by making it longer not wider, so I could get all the colors in my heart.

Cut the hearts out with a small cutter and attach then with water to your cake.

For the border, I rolled balls of fondant in rainbow colors and placed them around the cake.
Are you starting to think there are too many rainbows? Never, right?

Next insert your gumpaste rainbow into the top of the cake. Right in the middle. Put some white buttercream into a piping bag, cut off the tip, and pipe “clouds”.

Add your pony in the middle of the cake securing it’s feet in a little buttercream.
I used the pixie pony three pack for the cake. I chose plastic because it saved time and they were really cute.

I added two more ponies on the side and the cake was ready to go…

Play Doh Rainbow Cookies.
These are super simple. I bought pre-made sugar cookies from the grocery store, to save on time. I dyed buttercream yellow, green, red, and blue and filled piping bags.

I snipped the end off of each bag and piped a rainbow on each cookie. Using the left over white buttercream from the cake, I piped clouds. To display the cookies I set them into Jumbo Play-Doh Cupcake Papers. I doubled up the papers so the paper would not go flat from the weight of the cookie.

Together the cake and cookies helped my table look bright and cheery.

And cutting the cake?
That was the best part.

This little girl was sure surprised.

How to make peppa pig birthday for Play Doh

I was inspired to have a go at making a Peppa Pig birthday cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday after looking at the wonderful cakes that have been submitted on this site.

I read some very useful tips from here which I am sure contributed to making the cake a success!

I made a Madeira cake and froze it. I took it out to defrost in the morning and started to decorate the cake in the afternoon. I cut the shape of Peppa Pig Toys and the balloons from a template I printed off to the size required. Once I had the initial shapes, I started to cover the cakes bit by bit with colored sugar paste.

I started with Peppa Pig Play Doh body, then her head, then the balloons one by one. I then molded and rolled the icing to make the eyes, mouth and nose and piped the outline of the hat and Peppa’s face with rolled out icing. I did the same with the arms, legs and balloon strings. One tip I would give is to spread over a thin layer of butter cream on the cake before putting the sugar paste on the cake. This stops the icing from going gooey (trial and error proved this for me!) To do the lettering I bought some small alphabet cookie cutters which I found much easier to use than other cutters I have come across.

I really enjoyed making this cake, not bad for a first attempt! I know my little girl will be delighted when she sees it, can’t wait to see her face!

How To Peppa Pig Birthday Cake make Play Doh

In the blink of an eye, my Miss 3 has become Miss 4! My littlest princess is growing up too quickly. She loves to celebrate and a cake is the major part of a birthday where she is concerned. For months she had been telling me she wanted a dinosaur cake for her birthday and I had been quietly planning how I was going to accomplish it. Then one week before her birthday she suddenly decided that she would like a Peppa Pig cake instead and could not be swayed! Not only was it to be Peppa Pig, but a fairy Peppa jumping in muddy puddles!

I hit pinterest and youtube looking for my inspiration. I found one amazing video from a very talented lady that made it look so easy to make a Peppapig figurine out of fondant, knowing full well that I have never done this before mine would look nothing like hers, but I had to give it a go

I used my own Marshmallow Fondant recipe. The body came together well, but I will admit that it took me three goes of making the head before I got it right, plus it was a really hot weekend I was making it and the fondant kept melting in my hands and wouldn’t keep the shape was trying to mould it into. I actually had fun making this cake and the delight and joy it brought my daughter made it all worth while. The funny thing is… as much as she loves birthday cakes, she still to this day has not eaten one single piece of any birthday cake, I thought she may have this time, but no luck, it was polished off by the rest of the family!
To make the actual cake, I used the Marble Cake recipe in the Thermomix My Way Of Cooking cookbook using carob powder instead of cocoa. I left the majority of the mixture vanilla and a smaller amount with carob. Usually you would swirl the two together for a marble effect, but I wanted to try to get an affect of “mud” when the cake was cut. To do this I poured a layer of vanilla mixture into the cake tin then spooned a few large blobs of the carob mixture, topped with more of the vanilla, trying to layer the blobs a bit.

I spread a layer of butter icing over the cake before the fondant. After making the marshmallow fondant, I broke off the amount I thought I would need for each colour, plus a bit extra and kneaded the colour evenly through each piece. For special occasions I love to use the Hopper brand of food colours which are coloured by fruits and vegetables rather than numbers. If you can handle small amounts of salicylates and amines, this is a much better option. I buy mine from Allergy Train.

To make the muddy puddles, I made a half quantity of Marshmallow fondant and added 20g of carob powder with the marshmallows and melted it together before adding the icing sugar. I also used this for the dark part of Peppa’s eyes. For the crown and the wand I used the Hoppers My Little Pony Rainbow Pearls to decorate it.

How To Make a Peppa Pig Cake

Do you have a little one who is a fan of Peppa Pig? Here is my D.I.Y tutorial to help you make a Peppa Pig Cake!

Firstly I am NOT a cake decorator! This was my first attempt at a character cake…and you can do it too! This Peppa Pig Cake was really easy to do…I hope all novice cake makers will have a go! You can use these instructions for making Play Doh Peppa Pig, George Pig or any other character! It took me approximately an hour and a half to put the cake together (plus baking time) and less than $10 to make!

You will need:
1 cake (I always use a large rectangle size, but whatever you have really! I make a double batch of a chocolate cake. Feel free to use a packet mix or buy a slab cake!)
2 x 500g packets of ready made icing/fondant. (One packet should be enough, but it is always good to have a spare on hand!)
1 x black icing pen
1 x packet food colouring (or several bottles of food colouring)
1-2 tablespoons of jam(any flavour, I used strawberry!)

utting the Cake into a Peppa Pig Play Doh Shape
Make your cake the day before and freeze it for at least a few hours, this seems to make it less crumbly when cutting!

I used a Peppa Pig colouring page as a template. This is the one I used

You can print it straight off and cut around it ready to use. If you can, copy it larger to fit your cake. I traced mine onto some baking paper to make it larger. I cut around Peppa’s head and body. (I cut off her ears, arms, tail and legs)

3. Place your template on your cake and hold it in place with toothpicks.

4. Using a sharp knife, carefully cut around the template. You should now have Playdoh Peppa’s head and dress cut out, as one piece. Now carefully, cut Peppa’s head off! You can take the paper off if you like or cut through it.

Decorating the cake!

1.You need to get your first lot of icing ready. Open one packet and knead the icing as much as you can until it is nice and soft. Wrap half the mixture in plastic and use later. (Wrap tightly to keep it from drying out) With your remaining half, add a few drops of red food colouring and knead it until all the colour is mixed through to make a pale pink colour.

2. For Peppa’s face:
Brush some jam all over Peppa’s face including along the sides you cut. (The jam will stop the icing from slipping)

2. Take most of the mixture (place a small amount aside and wrap it tightly to use later for arms etc) Use a rolling pin to roll out a flat round shape. (Put icing sugar on your board or bench to stop it sticking) You want it to be about 1/4 cm thick. Then carefully pick up the icing and place it over the cake for Peppa’s face.

3. Using a clean sharp knife, cut carefully around the edges, making sure all the icing completely covers the cake. (You can reuse the left over icing, so wrap it up!) Use your fingers to smooth the edges around the bottom edges of the cake.

4. For Peppa’s Dress:
Use the other remaining icing and add as much red food colouring to make a red icing. I made mine a dark pink. Follow the steps above to brush with jam, roll out the icing and cover the cake. Keep a small amount of this red icing to make Peppa’s mouth. A little water will ‘glue’ her head to the dress.

5. For Peppa’s ears:
Cut a small amount of ear shaped cake (x2!) and brush with jam and wrap with icing. A little water will ‘glue’ the ears to her head.

6. For Peppa’s arms and legs and boots:
Roll out a length of pink icing. Roll out 2 legs and 2 arms. Use a knife to cut 3 points to be the fingers and then round them. Make some yellow icing (you may need a new packet?) and shape into 2 boots. Attach the legs. (Water will ‘glue’ the boots to the legs and the legs to Peppa’s dress) You can also make black shoes, if you prefer!

7. To outline Peppa’s face:
You will need more pink icing, but this time a darker pink. Roll it out into thin lengths. They don’t have to be long as you can join them together on Peppa’s Toys face. With each length, outline her face and nose. Use a picture to help guide you! Also make Peppa’s cheek with this darker pink icing.

8. For Peppa’s Eyes:
Roll out 2 white balls and flatten them. Then use some darker pink lengths and outline the white eyes. Then using the icing pen make a blob of black for her eyes! (You could also roll out black icing)

How to make an EASY but AWESOME Peppa Pig Cake

DISCLAIMER: I am a terrible baker and not creatively inclined, I can’t even make ANZAC biscuits properly and I only bake cakes that come out of a packet. I am telling you this so that you know what skill level was used to create this birthday cake …

These photos show the other birthday play doh cakes I have made … you can see I usually opt for VERY SIMPLE

Step 1: Make your play-doh cake template. I used the picture linked to in the Yibba Yamma Muma post. Then I enlarged it on my printer/copier before using baking paper to make a tracing which I then cut out. I wanted the template to take up most of my rectangle cake tin. The picture makes a great colouring activity at the party too!

Step 2: Bake the cake. Follow instructions on your packet cakes (remember you are cooking a double quantity) to prepare mix. Line your baking tin with baking paper and bake according to packet instruction.

Step 3: Freeze. Once baked, allow to cool for 5 minutes before removing from tray. Cool to room temperature on a cooling rack. Then wrap tightly in cling wrap and place in the freezer – I made mine the day before I needed to decorate it. Why freeze the cake? It makes it MUCH easier to cut out your shape and help prevent crumbs coming through into your icing.

Step 4: Prepare your icing. I suggest preparing your icing before removing cake from the freezer to ensure you are icing a nice cold cake, it makes it much easier. Make your icing (double quantity) according to packet instructions or make a butter icing from scratch (which is actually very easy). Once you have made the icing, separate it into two bowls. Using your pink food colouring, slowly add drops and mix to create a light pink batch and a dark pink batch.

Step 5: Prepare the playdoh cake shape. Remove your cake from the freezer, unwrap and place on a large cutting board. Pin your template gently on top. Then cut around your template with a sharp serrated knife. You want to work as quickly as possible now as icing and decorating much easier while cake is cold.

Step 6: Prepare for decorating. Move you cut out peppa pig cake to the tray or board you will use to present the cake. Mine is just a biscuit baking tray from IKEA that I have then covered in aluminium foil. You will see I have also gently scored the cake with a knife to mark where I want the head shape to go to help me with icing.

Step 7: Start Icing. Using light pink icing for the head and dark pink for the dress start icing. It doesn’t have to be perfect and butter icing will never be really smooth (which is why I love it). Be gentle around the cut edges of the cake as cake crumbs can easily get into your icing, especially if your cake is defrosting. You can see how roughly the icing has been applied – doesn’t matter at all!

Step 8: Piping. Mix together any remaining light and dark pink icing in a bowl. Then add some more pink colouring to create an even darker red/pink colour. Fill your icing piper and use it as per the picture below to create outline of the dress, head, nose and ears.

Step 9: Add the finishing touches. This is where it really comes to life. I have used Musk Sticks for legs and hands. Mint Pattie cut in half for the feet. Smarties for the number and nostrils. The cheek is a large pink marshmallow. They eyes are the tips of white marshmallow cut off, with a choc drop pushed in on top. Smile is just icing piped on.

Step 10: Have a glass of champagne or a cuppa … you deserve it now! You have made an awesome Peppa Pig cake and I guarantee the kids will love it!

Disney Princess Palace Pets Eggs Surprise Videos SURPRISE EGGS Princess.

Surprise Egg Play Doh✔✔ Disney Princess Palace Pets Eggs Surprise Videos SURPRISE EGGS Princess.

SURPRISE EGGS Disney Princess Palace Pets is a featured article, which means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the Play Doh Disney community. If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute.

Play-Doh Princess Palace Pets is a featured article, which means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the DisneyWiki community. If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute.

Eggs Surprise Disney Palace Pets is a spin-off franchise to the Disney Princess franchise. The franchise is comprised of a group of royal pets who live with the Play Doh Disney Princesses Surprise Eggs. The Play Doh Palace Pets also have their own world called Whisker Haven, where they speak, go on adventures and befriend Play-Doh Princess Palace Pets from all of the Princess Kingdoms.

How To Make Play Dough : Quick ‘n’ Easy Playdough Recipes

One of my fondest memories is making play doh with my mother, long ago before such a thing as canned Play-Doh even existed. We kept it in Mama’s antique bean pot and I spent many a happy hour modeling tiny sticks of butter and miniature loaves of bread. (You could tell I was going to be a baker even then!) Playdough really is quite easy to make, so I was glad to see Sarah Goodbody’s How To Make Play Dough : Quick ‘n’ Easy Playdough Recipes. Unfortunately, there are problems.

First, the recipe for Traditional Cooked Playdough as well as the recipes Baked PlayDoh Decorations call for “mugs” of salt and/or water rather than cups. There is no standard measurement in either US Standard or UK Imperial (to include Canada, Australia and New Zealand) called a “mug.” There was once a time when a “mug” had a standard shape and capacity, but those days are long gone. These recipes will not perform as expected.

Traditional Cooked Play Doh calls for the identical ingredients that the following recipe, Instant No-Cooked Play dough, calls for, save that Sarah has called for “1/2 mug salt” instead of the “1/2 cup salt” found in the Instant No-cooked Playdough recipe. The sole real difference in the ingredients is that the water added to the ingredients in the Instant recipe must be boiling.

Some of the recipes have clearly been “tinkered” with. Peanut Butter Play Doh, for example, uses US measurements but calls for icing sugar. Edible Playdough calls for a metric measure of cream cheese and a US measure of dry milk powder. The Chocolate Playdough recipe is virtually identical* to the one found at Instructables, without the detailed instructions. *(Sarah has substituted expensive golden syrup for the corn syrup.)

Some of Sarah’s ideas are good, but her advice is not always correct. “If you have no cream of tartar” writes Sarah, “you may try bicarbonate of soda instead, though the dough probably will not keep.” Well, no. Chemically, cream of tartar (potassium bitartrate) is an acid. It is used as a component in baking powder as the acid required to activate sodium bicarbonate – baking soda. You cannot substitute one for the other as they have completely different chemical properties and purposes. It really doesn’t much matter anyway. The play dough Grandma grew up on called for only water, flour and salt with a few drops of food coloring. If you don’t have cream of tartar or simply don’t want to use it because of the cost, leave it out. Purchased or homemade, Playdough is a consumable. It gets dirty, falls to bits and needs to be replaced often.


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